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Sustainability Means Survival


Special 2015 New Year Message for you. Click here or "News" link.

The intensity and rapidity of climate changes due to global warming has turned up the volume on those of us sensitive enough to hear the alarm bells going off. Scientists are predicting that within 5 years we will see startling earth changes. These changes are provoked internally in our Earth, with the documented shifting of the magnetic poles, and externally the depletion of the ozone layer, weather wars, the spread of GMO’s and the dramatic slowing of the conveyor belt in the ocean, causing the heating of the planet.

The diminished food chain of phyto-plankton and krill in the Pacific Ocean has closed commercial fisheries. There are large dead zones in the ocean off the coast of Oregon, in the Pacific northwest USA and in the Gulf of Mexico, between the U.S. and Mexico. The Caribbean Ocean is being dumped on with pesticide runoff, and cruise ship garbage, as well as GMO contamination, affecting marine life. The Caribbean coast of the land of the Maya is the location of the second largest barrier reef on the planet.

All of these now apparent signs were foretold in the native prophecies of this land including the Hopi prophecy, ancient instructions that have been received. The Maya prophecy advises that the time will come when the natural resources that we depend on to sustain life, will be severely decimated. Native people have known and survived past threatening climatic calamities because they applied the Precautionary Principle. On a basic survival level, native people throughout time have demonstrated the importance of saving heirloom seeds.

We are in a race against time. The Maya Seed Ark Project will ensure healthy native food for survival for future generations. The mission is to establish Maya Seed Arks in selected locations in the land of the Maya, on the Yucatan peninsula, Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize, where there is sustainability.

Establishing Keepers of the Seeds, as a sacred charge, responsibility, or cargo, for future generations is the goal. The Maya Seed Arks are social justice projects for food security, based on organic principles, as well as a practical health care solution to the dangers of genetically modified seeds and foods. Food is medicine.

Each Maya Seed Ark will be a repository and genetic treasure trove of heirloom seeds of their region. The Maya Seed Ark Project is in alignment with enduring native principles of living in balance and the restoration of balance through spiritual practice and direct action to benefit seven generations in the future. The value of reciprocity expressed through seed exchange ensures regional bio-security, food and medicine.

Native communities are the storehouses of heirloom seeds. The Maya Seed Ark Project seeks to collect local varieties of heirloom seeds, creating seed banks. An Ecological Literacy educational component is an integral aspect of the mission of the Maya Seed Ark Project, bridging translated information on genetic engineering, ecological awareness, and health protection.

A DVD film has been created called Alarma! No A Los Transgenicos an instructional aide especially for farmers, and the public in Spanish, regarding the necessity of preserving heirloom seeds, and techniques appropriate to the bio-region. Presently, even the most remote Maya communities are under attack by genetically modified seeds, and food products, which have been silently introduced without them knowing the risks.

The time to act is now.

We need your investment and help with the Maya Seed Ark Project for the future food security of the sustainable areas left. Please extend your collaboration in this necessary project to protect the food supply for generations in the future.



Sustainability Means Survival

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