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~ Past Councils, Journeys and News from Mayaland ~

An Earth Day Message  - April 2011

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Sending you greetings on Earth Day from The Maya Seed Ark Project. We are in the birth canal. Feeling squeezed???? Just another year and a half of hard labor, so breathe.

We witness the planetary shake up, with the reverb palpable in our minds and bodies. As we worry about ourselves, the arrival of radiation from Japan, and the big what’s next, now is the time to practice what we have been putting a lot of energy into these past now many years learning.

I notice that many times when we are sick, we forget that we have the medicine in our possession. So now, it is an energetic medicine that we need, and some very simple medicine is to put yourself in beauty. Whether going to a wild place, visiting an art museum, bringing sweet smelling flowers into your house, playing good music, or gardening, beauty heals.

Remember to dream. Expand your vision for the future. Expand your activities to benefit others. Dare to expand. With present planetary upheaval, fearful emotions cause one to shrink energetically. Now is the time to harness the energy of Mother Nature, and being a good observer, take a cue from the trees. Trees in Spring wake up from winter dormancy. The sap rises. Buds form, and leaves begin to unfurl. Be like a tree.

The sacred tree of the Maya is the ceiba. The tree is handsome and tall, with a straight, branchless trunk, and a large canopy. The large buttress like roots rise up off the jungle floor, up to a foot and sprawling, easy to trip on. The tree represents the three worlds, the trunk, our visible world, middle world, the canopy, the upper world, place of the Former and Creator, and the gods realm, and the roots, under the tree, represent the underworld. The tree is called Yax che. Of interest on the lower trunk, grow large thorns, used by the Maya in magic for women.

It is almost planting time. The earth is really hot now in Mayaland. Farmers have cleared their fields. Seed blessing ceremonies are taking place. Seeds contain the essence of life. Prayers are said over the corn, beans, squash and other vegetable seeds to be planted. Traditional Maya farmers will kneel on the earth, asking Mother Earth permission to open Her, and plant. They finish their prayers by kissing the earth with great reverence. Everything is done by first asking permission.

The Maya have so much essential knowledge to teach us. Imagine these great wisdom holders reaching out to us across where time tip toes. Now, the matter of food security has been at the center of discussion in prestigious think tanks. GMO is racing through Maya land through seeds, and food stuffs. Through your kind interest and help, The Maya Seed Ark Project has now benefited many thousands of indigenous people through the release of ALARMA! NO A LOS TRANSGENICOS.

The film was made for the Maya, but since it’s release, it has reached many, many other indigenous people in Spanish speaking countries, who have no information about GMO. So rejoice with me in knowing this. Much work still needs to be done distributing the film in critical areas of the Maya. I am asking for your help. The 11th Great Encounter of Maya people happens next month in Central America. I need help to get there to gift the film, which will travel out into many Maya communities internationally. Please help me to help them. Trust in the ripple effect.

I will travel this summer and autumn to Maya land. The Spiritual Guides extend their invitation to come and visit. If you wish to travel with me, please let me know. This is a golden opportunity to connect with the Tata’s and Nan’s (spiritual guides). We will visit amazing places in one of three left on the planet with the greatest biodiversity.

Excellent company, good food, and good accommodations.

Gratitude to you for all your interest, prayers, and support. Please pray for me.

As the Maya say, In la ketch, I am another yourself.
May all our combined activity expand and benefit many!

With Best Wishes,


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WEBSITE NEWS November 2010


Food is medicine, and in this way, we can look at farmers as our doctors. It is the farmer with her or his knowledge of seeds, time, climate, and many other integral arts allied with the planting of nutritious food, who is our doctor. If you have ever planted a crop, or grown a garden, you understand what difficulties you must face to have the joy of a good harvest.

The Maya traditionally live around an agricultural cycle. These cycles are governed by the stars, and the signs within Nature, as to when to plant. Recently when I was in Guatemala, I was speaking with Tata Francisco, traditional Kakchikel Maya priest, and calendar master. He is a farmer, and I was consulting him about harvesting corn. Last year, after completing the fourth ceremony for the Maya Seed Ark Project, I was gifted with blue Maya corn from Tata’s fields.

I planted this corn, and now it is growing. Global warming has caused havoc with our summer weather, and here it was very foggy and cool. The Maya are facing big changes due to climate change. This summer and into autumn, in Guatemala there have been 5 big tropical storms and a volcanic eruption. Weather has wiped out many of the food producing areas in the coastal region. A thick layer of volcanic ash settled on the capital after the eruption. The country has been hard hit.

Due to this the Ministry of Agriculture has declared the importation and distribution of an enormous amount of “certified seeds” - the quotation marks are mine and straight out of the newspaper. This means GMO seed. The idea is to offset the food crisis.

In July, I went to the Yucatan, in southern Mexico, where I spoke at the at the 10th Encuentro del Pueblo Maya, (the tenth encounter of Maya people), on the topic of Genetic Engineering. Climatic evidence shows that in that region the temperature is increasing by about 2 degrees annually. While I was there, the heat was incredibly intense, although it was rainy season. Many of the Maya farmers at the Encuentro said that their crops had dried up from the heat.

In October, the Maya of Belize, as well as the rest of the coastal population, suffered a big hurricane, leaving 10,000 homeless. I have worked with Maya authorities in Belize, discussing food security for these kinds of calamities. As I write, these people are in need of food relief. The idea of emergency seed banks to cover just these types of calamities, now is taking on a sober reality.

Here is the good news, because of the work of the Maya Seed Ark Project, many more local seed banks have started in southern Mexico, Belize, and Guatemala, and seed exchanges begun. The Maya are getting the picture, literally, with the film ALARMA! NO A LOS TRANSGENICOS (ALARM1 NO TO GMO) beginning to circulate in communities. And besides the Maya, many other indigenous tribes are receiving the message of the ALARMA! It is the first film made in Spanish on GMO for indigenous farmers.

Two weeks ago at the Bioneers Conference, held annually in San Rafael, California, the Maya Seed Ark Project was honored at the Food and Farming Banquet. I escorted Tata Cecilio to the conference where he spoke on Protecting Mother Corn. It was a tremendous honor to have Tata visit and share his spiritual strength and knowledge. Bioneers is a wonderful place to cross paths with many great eco-warriors. We learned alot. I was very happy to be able to receive the Bioneers Bear Hug.

In addition, Sacred Fire magazine in this issue, has an article about the Maya Seed Ark Project. I am grateful for everything, and pray that this present phase of the project, the distribution of the DVD, moves forward with warp speed. Please help me do this. Even a small donation helps.

The Maya heirloom seeds still left in communities are the result of many generations of seed selection by ancestor farmers. Imagine over a thousand years of seed selection! Within these seeds are contained knowledge and health, culture and medicine. Within each seed is a spirit. Help me to continue to conserve the treasure that belongs to the Maya. Everything is connected. Please put your best effort forward along with me!

Oxlajuj matiox, thirteen thanks!

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Winter before spring planting '09.


What is important to know is that with the great incursion of genetically modified seeds, the choice is ultimately up to the farmers. However, if the farmer does not have seed, due to planting GMO seeds, which are hybrid, new seeds have to be bought. Meaning money has to be used. GMO seeds all need fertilizer. Chemical fertilizer.

Last year in the month of April, in Guatemala, the price of chemical fertilizer went up 400% in one month. In August, the news broke, that there was only a limited supply of fertilizer, and politicians had the power to selectively distribute what fertilizer existed. This meant that decisions were made as to who would eat and who wouldn't. No fertilizer, no harvest.

GMO seeds in the market are unmarked and usually sold for less cost than heirloom Maya corn seed. Yellow Maya heirloom corn has almost disappeared from the market.

Autumn in Belize, severe floods have diminished agricultural planting land. Food crisis stalks the Maya.

Severe drought has hit the Yucatan peninsula, in Mexico. Harvests are not good.

Governments of these countries have exceedingly little (or mostly none) food reserves saved for emergencies. Much less seed banks. Little thought has been given to this.

Your help is needed to establish seed banks. THIS IS A CRISIS, AND THIS NEWS IS NOT GETTING OUT.

So here you have it.

So here you have it.

May we all awaken together, and with strength, act, for the benefit of many.

Many blessings and food security for all!

As the Maya say, In la'ketch, I am another yourself.

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